Vocal Power
Whatever we think about washes over our face and body and then our voice is expressed through this veil. What we say with our body, face and voice tone brings believability and congruency to what we say with our words. Excellence then requires complete involvement of these components.

We forget our voice is a primary communication tool, especially when we aren’t visible or communicate on the internet. As technology advances, voice and video communication will make the keyboard like a tool from the Stone Age. When not seen most of our emotional impact and believability is based on our voice tone alone.
As the voice is 45% of the impressions we make in just a few moments a pleasant tone, good articulation and a well-rounded vocabulary communicates excellence and builds substantial rapport.

Voicemail to Presidential Speeches - a Compelling Voice is Hard to Ignore!
Project a Clear and Resonant “Vocal Calling Card"
Gain Confidence and be Judged as Competent.
"" Voice of Your Choice"
presman-apr-10-2008025.gif character voice-overs
Some examples of poor style are - a soft voice (often experienced by women); the use of up speak (a term for turning up the end of a phrase like a question); trendy and inappropriate words or phrases; monotone or muffled voice; pitch levels too high or low for particular ages or gender; the misuse of “ums” and “ahs”; poor rhythm or grammar; complicated accents; dropping off the ends of words; and poor enunciation of vowels, consonants and diphthongs.

This can be just as difficult to read as it is for someone to understand
the speaker that doesn't articulate or command their voice.

A person impeccably groomed and attired, with a body language and
posture that exudes confidence, intelligence and warmth - they speak
day drp thr ens uv wors so ya don reckanize wazz bein sed.
….. maybe you're blown back by bravado…
or prolly
…….or day toin a fwaze like nutin ya ehva hoid
you can hardly hear them
Picture It!
Execution and care of the vocal instrument is frequently overlooked. Pollution, fatigue, poor posture, dehydration, improper use and excess in daily life do much to harm our voice.

Our “Vocal Calling Card” is an important everyday business tool. Clear, compelling and articulate vocal projection along with well-designed voice messages, speaking engagements and presentations greatly improve one’s confidence, presence and ability to influence.
For immediate impact give every letter in every word
its full, intended value!
 Added Value - email or phone coaching up to a month from event
Arrange the Group - Yours is Free
Minimum 10 - $50 each 15+ participants - $45 each
Individual, Group Sessions, Seminars
Includes Comprehensive Manual - or purchase separately $15
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Voice Tone is 45% of Your Message
Your vocal impressions jump to a whopping 84% when there's no visual stimuli
- and the words you speak only count for 7% of your total message.
In Studio for Character
Fun, Simple Exercises to Increase Agility & Resonance
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Exercises are designed to work with participants’ hectic schedules and, with commitment and simple daily practice, a marked improvement is swiftly and pleasantly experienced.

Diaphragmatic breathing, resonance, projection, phrasing, personal style, and microphone technique are some of the important areas covered to swiftly expand your "Vocal Image" for greater strength, flexibility and success.