Business Services
Gain improved confidence, esteem and leadership know-how by re-aligning perceptions to better serve personal, business and social life.
Target strengths and minimize drawbacks - a #1 marketing tool. Improvements focus on symmetry and vibrancy relevant to body type, appropriateness and personal presence.
Benefit from the polished silent language of body and facial expression coupled with compelling vocal vitality that supports the overall message being sent.
Added Value
Congruent thought and solid self-management skills improve strengths, refine limitations, transform negative habits and harmonize with appearance and action.
• Wardrobe styling is enhanced for suitability and management ease for visual strength.
Discover effective facial enhancement, hairstyling and maintenance techniques that round out premium packaging for accelerated success.
• Harmonize communication with solid gestures that support thought and image.
Advance vocal presence with greater richness, clarity, strength and flexibility - over the phone, across the table or behind the podium.
Additional Services
Includes Follow-up Coaching for One Month from Date of Session

• Videotaped programs - coaching of live presentations for coaching feedback
• On-site styling services - business photos, media events, black tie gatherings
            by top business-focused artists.
Inquiries Welcome
Individual/Group Rates
Handout Materials Included
Individual Video and Email Coaching
Lunch & Learns, Seminars
Half-Day - Workshop
Full-Day - Hands-on
$300 - $800
$850 - $1,000
$125 - per hour
Customized Private Sessions
$275 - $500
Reasonable travel related expenses discussed at time of booking.
“Your presentations were terrific; the makeover was just super (every time I look in the mirror I’m still amazed). Your enthusiasm and passion was certainly infectious and made me believe that you “walk the talk”. The feedback I received was very good.”
Martina Hegemer Young Presidents’ Assistants Association
“Your tips were so right on, I noticed a dramatic improvement right away. I enunciate more and exaggerate my expressions. I can hear on my old tapes I wasn’t excited or emotional….you’re an absolute angel and completely professional!!!”
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
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   Inquiries: 416-361-9662
Special fees for non-profit organizations
Inquiries Welcome
For your conference, special event or house speaker series you can count on a well-researched, fully engaged approach to motivate your audience with a fun and interactive style.
From polishing up presentations skills and image to fun, celebrity stylings, you'll have my full attention and an entertained and motivated audience.