Visual Polish
Even skin tone, well-shaped brows and full lashes are the essentials for a vibrant and glowing power image. Along with a healthy lifestyle and white teeth, a clear complexion can be achieved quick and easy with appropriate one-step products. Symmetry is achieved by shading, highlighting and defining with strategic colour placement using the right tools.

“Your products are really amazing! I simply couldn’t find anything better.”

Invest in an Image Renovation for Yourself or Someone Special
Feel energized and motivated with a transformation into timeless elegance and success.
Result - a renewed internal outlook and impressive external charisma.
" Lookin Good"
Clients benefit from extensive experience in HDTV, Digital Media, Stage and Business stylings. Discover how to make the most of your assets, correct what's not working and develop a compelling demeanour from head to toe.
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Its not about being a slave to fashion, its about fashion being a tool for you.
 Emmy Kwok
Demystify the product mystery dilemma with practical, easy and successful makeup and hair techniques.
Discover the smart, streamline, savvy tricks to wardrobe management.
Photos for business or personal use and long-wearing, protective products also available.
Not fair, but true. Your eyes and brows are the centre of your entire presentation, therefore, everything needs to enhance them. When too much "fashion" or the "trowel" is used for makeup application, it simply creates a poor impression. Ignoring these tools however, substantially diminishes your opportunity to capitalize on yourself.
With lightweight products, efficient tools, and a flawless, natural approach to makeup, hair and wardrobe, we assist individuals to re-design and manage their external packaging. This perfect framing then showcases talents and skills - not disrupt or compete for focus.
Hair styles work best when they are easily managed and time efficient. For both men and women we focus on individual strengths, distinctions, lifestyles, career goals and style preference with a view to harmonizing your complete physical presence.
Give Yourself the
Competitive Edge
from Casual
to Business
to Special Event
Your Skills Are Judged on How You Look!
"Sharon..I've been raving about you everywhere, and your work is speaking for itself too. I gave a presentation this morning and felt very confident about my new, wonderful look."
Annette Temcate,
Business Owner
“Anxiety about my appearance is my #1 concern working on television, but you completely removed that anxiety, and it was so pleasurable and fun to work with you. You are brilliant!”
Daphne Gordon, Host Shop 411 TV
Writer, Toronto Star
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Individual with Lesson - $275 or Special Event Service - $250 + travel
Max. 4 - $175 each or 10+ (4 makeovers of your choosing) - $50 each
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The Best Techniques for Fast & Lasting Visual Polish
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