Success and failure are largely the result of daily habit. Either positive or negative actions practiced consistently over time become as natural as breathing air.

Most people have challenges at some point in their lives. To overlook and sublimate their existence or ignore steps to resolve or transform them in healthy and effective ways, invariably results in disorders, diseases and psychoses. The miss-use of mood altering devices to deny rather than deal with challenges is commonplace and very costly on all fronts - including the workplace.
Self-mastery is Self-management
Confidence is #1 and the Most Desired State
Emotions are a Driving Force - We Direct Them or They Run Us
An extremely effective skill, which is often ignored, neglected or misunderstood, is that of active listening. It's a physical and mental process that creates trust, positive interaction and communicates understanding.

3-D Thinking™ Embraces Inside & Outside the Box
Its a Doorway to Personal & Business Success
"If each of us sweeps in front of our own steps,
the whole world would be clean."
We utilize strategies to expand awareness, improve civility and develop active listening skills. Focusing on strengths and transforming limiting viewpoints into strength of character while autmenting positive characteristics, is our central approach. Defining beliefs, excitements and directions with guided exploration, enable participants to experience fulfilling personal success. Routines are created through a "getting to the heart of what you want with integrity" approach and then habituating exciting and effective new directions until they become solid and feel natural.
Balance is another key to overall success. Overworked and under-self-cared-for is a common malaise in North American culture. An effective workplace and home environment is made up of people with healthy perspectives, respect for the world around them and a zest for life and what they do in it. When individual lives are balanced in every aspect - self, family, work and community, everyone wins - and the world is a better place.
New ways of thinking and creating an improved mental state and re-designed style of living can be challening, fearful and exciting. And its never all one way or the other. If you only work from inside the box, this single approach ceases to satisfy in time. So like many approach, there is a tendancy to then exchange that thought process for working solely on the outside of the box. But in time that too ends up with little satisfaction. The trick is in finding the balance and using every tool available and appropriately.
You Are What You Focus On
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