Body and facial expression is our silent form of communication and is more powerful than the words we speak. What we choose to think is expressed our through voice, body language and facial expression. And the other equally important component, which is often ignored, neglected or misunderstood, is the skill of active listening.

Whatever you're engaged in with others, your success rate to influence and create a positive lasting impression will accelerate when you utilize effective emotional states letting them wash over a strong, well-postured body with a rich, clear and easily understood voice tone.

A flexible body and face can exude any expression, make solid connection, be totally involved and most importantly - be believed.

Exercises and improvisations to broaden personality/character styles, expand the full range of emotional states and increase acuity of all the senses are engaged.

Emphasis is placed on posture, stance, gestures, eye connection and reflective listening skills. These aspects greatly enhance participants’ confidence and performance in any situation.

The silent language of the body and face are the outward extension or finishing step in a convincing and compelling image or presentation. These features always broadcast the sender’s feelings or thoughts no matter what they are.

Decisive thought, suitable gestures, sincere facial expression, eye contact, active listening, effective voice, and a harmonious exterior are still the most effective form of communication.
“I had to give a presentation on Tuesday and it was much better than I had anticipated. Your tips helped – a lot! I’m excited about the progress I’m making on my public speaking skills.”

“We each gained an appreciation for how subtle, strategic changes can make a significant improvement in a person’s competitive edge and self confidence. We’re very excited with our results. Your techniques and products are so streamlined and effective, we both feel confident and keen about using them. Thanks for a terrific session.”

"Many attendees commented on how your coaching instruction will continue to be useful throughout their volunteering and professional careers. The instruction was simply the best. I have found no finer workshop that practically demonstrates "vocal image", how best to expand it, care for it and apply it."

"Sharon's visual and concrete educating techniques serve as the most effective method I have ever experienced. Inspiring, motivating and practical - anyone can apply her lessons to acting and life with positive results. It was wonderful to have met her."

"Thanks again for the fantastic workshop. …. I had a chance a few weeks back to use the breathing exercises and tongue exercises prior to a presentation and I blew their socks off!"

Dahla MacKenna
Love Girl Productions
Arlene Patterson, Manager, Voiceprint
Godyne Sibay
Partner, McCarthy Tetreault
Erica Kirkland, Editor
Canadian Gift & Tableware Association
Alison & Darren Bell
Investors Group
100% Belief in Your Message is Based on the
Complete Harmony of Your Presentation.
Face, Body, Voice, Gestures - Secondary Components of Personal Packaging
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