Facial & Body Expression

A flexible body and face gives you the tools needed to exude any expression, make connection, be totally involved and most importantly - be believed.

Exercises and improvisations to broaden personality/character styles, expand the full range of emotional states and increase all sensory acuity are engaged. Emphasis is placed on stance, gestures, eye connection and reflective listening, which greatly enhance any performance in any situation.

And one of the great side benefits of improving your body and facial language - or acting, is you get to play!
" Act Your Way Out of that Wet Paper Bag"
facial expressions body language
The heart of successful interaction in any situation. We listen through the filter of our eyes and see through the filter of our ears in response to surrounding stimuli. Often the most powerful moments are in observing the performer listening and feeling sensations within themselves before they transmit them through their visual cues.

Making the most of improvisation, mime, props/equipment and memory techniques, coupled with directing nerves, preparing your part and utilizing your physical tool box of the body, face and brain are essential components in delivering great performances - in any arena.
Body & Facial Language
Active Listening & Observing
Performance Tools
Any presentation or performance can be considered an "acting gig". Whether for the stage, interview, classroom, podium or customer service, delivery methods vary, but the basics are the same. The silent language of the body and face are the outward extension of a convincing and compelling presentation and always broadcast the sender’s feelings and thoughts.
What is your purpose or desired outcome? Are you looking to entertain, motivate, persuade, activate or give information? Is your delivery system comedic, dramatic or narrative? Is your audience 2 or 10,000, on stage or a camera close up?
The silent language that gives your message believability. It's the outward expression of your inner thoughts and an important source of information about your emotions. Your thoughts wash over your face, then your body and then your voice is expressed through this veil.
"Sharon possesses wondrous acting and teaching abilities that are complemented by a critical awareness of her students' performances. Her insights have advanced my academic career and helped foster my appreciation for the art of acting. "I regarded Sharon as not only a teacher, but a mentor as well."
"…extensive knowledge …Sharon's methods of teaching are innovative and effective and I love the way she delivers and conveys her outstanding expertise."
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The Clearer Your Body & Facial Language - The Clearer Your Message
Every Presentation Utilizes the Same Skills as Actors Do
Audiences are drawn to confidence - the most desired state. Utilizing solid acting tips, develop skills to define, design and direct or your message for any performance, with any audience, in any situation.
Individual, Group Sessions, Seminars
Includes Comprehensive Manual - or purchase separately - $15
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Minimum 10 - $40 each 15+ participants - $35 each
Added Value - email or phone coaching up to a month from event
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