Emotions are Neutral!
Based on Each Individual's Belief System, Emotions' Positive or Negative Value is a Choice
The more responsibility you take for yourself and your life's direction,
the more confidence you gain, esteem you gather and value you experience.
When life's challenges hit, do you succumb to the abyss - or do you take charge
and take action to create healthy choices?
Confidence is More than a Choice, Direction and Attitude
Practiced Daily, it Becomes Habit - Continued, it Becomes Natural.
 Are you in charge of your emotions - or are they in charge of you?
Taking Charge of Your Life
Power is self-direction - not a fake feeling from trying to control others.
Discover Your Passions
Define Your Beliefs
Design Your Attitudes
Direct Your Path
Is your confidence strong - or do you feel apologetic for breathing air?
You are What You Think - Imagine Your Best!
“Her tenacity and chutzpah inspired me not to give up….she is straight-forward, warm, sincere and savvy…”
Monique Grenier, ACTRA Performer
“Of equal value is her psychological and spiritual guidance and how she has greatly enhanced my life’s direction….”
Ramneek Minhas, President
RKM Software Solutions Inc.
Arrange the Group - Yours is Free
Minimum 10 - $50 each 15+ participants - $45 each
Handle Any Situation Powerfully
"I'm the Boss of Me"
Individual, Group Sessions, Seminars
Includes Comprehensive Manual - or purchase separately - $15
Further Details
Inquiries - 416-361-9662
Are You Running Your Own Show?
Techniques to Put You in Charge, at the Helm, in the Cockpit or Director's Chair of Your Life.
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Discover strategies that increase self-awareness and esteem, augment your strengths, refine your limitations, design sensible directions, and transform limiting viewpoints into strength of character.

Achieve a more powerful personal, business and social life. Harness the power tools of self-discipline, active listening and streamlined daily habit.

New routines are created by getting to the heart of desires and passions, with integrity - then instilling new, empowering and exciting directions.
Enjoy the Thrill of Being the Master of Your Domain, the Ruler of Your Roost
or the Grand Poobah of Your Realm.