A book is judged by its cover and is not gender specific. We are judged within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone and 55% of that judgment is visual.

No matter what your age, personal style, skill level or type of business, well-balanced hair and symmetrical facial features do more for your image than the misconception that excessive makeup, none at all, or only a great outfit is all that's necessary to project a confident and compelling image.

Both men and women gain considerably when they utilize the power tools of good makeup and hair designs. For work it's about your presence, skills and talents - not your gender. If you want to be taken seriously and move ahead then a practical and elegant approach creates an amazing image that serves as a backdrop to your abilities - and that's hard to deny. For social its still about the same except with more drama.
A velvet-covered box is always
opened before a cardboard one
due to the perception
 of its contents.
Clothes don’t make the person; they make the message about the person. As the secondary component in visual strength, wardrobe should not be overlooked. As with makeup and hair - proportion, style, structure and weight are important. Colour, fit and appropriateness are the other aspects of a first-rate wardrobe. Ask, “Does my ensemble reinforce or detract from the impression I want to make?” It always does, one way or the other.
Like any good frame it doesn't fight for focus. Balanced hair and facial features do more for your image than the misconception that a good suit is all that’s needed. Eyes are the focal point of your entire presentation in any circumstance. Therefore everything else should enhance or support that focal point - not detract, which only creates confusion. When this technique is applied effectively, the result is a physically powerful presence that is hard to deny.

When too much "fashion" or the "trowel" is used for makeup application, it simply creates a poor impression. Ignoring these tools however, substantially diminishes your opportunity to capitalize on yourself.

Excellent makeup and hair design are not relegated to women. Men miss out dramatically when they ignore this aspect of their image. On the other hand, many women may overlook or under compensate their visual presentation and their makeup and coiffure, or lack thereof, get noticed - not their presence.
Makeup & Hair
The impressions we make are linked with how we look and speak. Content without good packaging is a waste and great packaging without content will soon be painfully obvious.
An appearance that's too casual often expresses a careless attitude - even if it isn't true. It's a misconception that comfort equals casual dress. When suitable outfits look good and fit right - they are comfortable and enhance the positive attitude of the wearer and response from their audience.
"…her talent as a makeup artist and communicator and her sense of humour was appreciated by our clientele."
Lyse Morissette, National Trainer
Laboratoires Garnier, L'Oreal Canada Inc.
“Its been a couple of years and I’m still thrilled with my image results and your products - they’re easy to use, compact and fast. Business travel is much simpler and I know I’ll always look great.”
Liz Raymond, Corporate Trainer
Good proportion, style, fit, colour, simplicity and suitability coupled with the "less is more" approach to accessories will go a long way to serving the individual's wardrobe needs. Wise wardrobe design and management are useful tools that should serve the individual, rather than the fashion industry.
FM Morrison, Senior Pro/Dir Nature of Things
How you Look is 55% of the Impressions You Make - Instantly
The Frame of Your Personal Communication
When its Right its Fab - When its Wrong its Bad
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“David (Suzuki) looks so good you can’t even tell he’s wearing any makeup.”